Our services

Asset Management

Our Asset Management division is focused on identifying market opportunities and risks in order to manage funds through which we generate value for our clients.

We have designed a full range of investment funds, both in emerging and global markets, through equity, fixed income, alternative assets and real estate strategies.

By investing in our funds, clients access the full experience of MBI's investment team, made up of trained professionals who analyze in detail each of the investment strategies.

MBI Inversiones’ partners are actively involved in the management of the company, aligning risks and investment objectives with their clients given the co-investment in our products.


Private customer distribution

The portfolio management service of high-net assets for private clients is aimed at protecting and growing our clients' investments with a long-term approach, based on the objective analysis of our team of professionals.

Institutional distribution

This area is responsible for the commercial relationship with institutional clients that have assets invested in various MBI Inversiones' strategies, these include pension funds, insurance companies, family offices and other local and international institutions.

Our funds

Asset Management

MBI Inversiones has a structure of 14 regulated investment funds, handling approximately US$ 1 billion in that structure. These funds are primarily aimed at investors with long-term investment visions.