Our services

International Markets

We seek to provide the best advisory in the international markets for our clients, with focus in their financial, regulatory and tributary needs, through our multidisciplinary team of experts. Throughout the 30 years of global markets experience, MBI has achieved to gain reputation as a financial advisory expert in our country in terms of the international markets.

Our team is composed by over fifteen professional experts, whose main responsibility is to assess their clients in both local and global markets, through a service of excellence and close relation.

José Miguel Matte – Strategy Head: “Our main focus is to bring the best and closer service possible to our clients, through local and international advisory. In that sense, we count with specific financial tools and internal processes, supported in our internal knowledge and our professional team of advisors.”


International Products

We offer different solution with different level of access to the international markets according to each client needs. Each solution offers a different level of protection and exposure to the local market. All of our products count with the same level.

International Funds

We offer local vehicles exposed to international markets through our MBI Funds which offers exposure to the global financial markets and through competitive returns in offshore currencies, maintaining tax benefit efficiency. All of our funds count with a high stock market presence and excellent liquidity.

Administration Portfolio

For those clients who want to get international financial exposure with an advisory team of experts dedicated to the administration of portfolios whose purpose is to capture the best markets calls through an active management of their portfolio that aggregates all of our internal intelligence in the structure of their portfolio figures.

Global Markets

For those clients who want to gain a fast access to the global financial markets to all types of instruments, we offer access through a simple and efficient way of investing through our national brokerage firm.

Offshore Investment Accounts

For those clients who seek access to the international financial markets through personal investment accounts, with offshore jurisdiction and access to all kind of assets without passing through our brokerage firm. All of our clients still get the traditional advisory of our international experts.


International Services

Our global market advisory relies in a multidisciplinary team of experts of over fifteen financial professionals, who are constantly seeking for the best market opportunities across all the scope of the global markets.

In our investment process, we try to integrated all of our interntal and external intelligence, trying to give a complete market outlook and with deep knowledge of both local and international market context. We proud ourselves in using top of the line financial tools to enhanced our financial analysis and ideas, making better and faster recommendation to our clients and improving the services to our client portfolios.

With a service focused in the client, we try to guide our clients in their international investments decision from the expertise we proud ourselves on.


Asset Allocation

We have a monthly committee in where participates all of our executive class and both the investment teams and the strategy team, where we define our global outlook and the best asset allocation for our clients’ portfolios.


Portfolio Analysis

We use state of the art financial tools to help guide the portfolios of our clients, in terms of sector and geographic exposure. We integrated different metrics in our investment process to give the best portfolios recommendation.


Scorecard and International Selection Process

We count with an internal selection process for international investments in which through quantitative analysis we determine the best investment vehicles for each asset class. In the analysis we asses returns and risk metrics, to determine the optimal vehicle for each position.


Investment Ideas

Our international team is constantly seeking for the best investment ideas in the markets across the globe, taking advantage of market events and using our investment outlook to guide the investment decisions.


International Platforms

We have access to the best investment platforms in the world, with access to all type of investment vehicles throughout all of the asset classes, with the speed and tax benefit figure according to the particular requirements of the client needs.

We believe in an investment process custom-made for our clients, in which is the clients need that determine they investment universe and investment process.



The world's largest open-end fund platform, with access to more than 100,000 international funds through more than 12,000 world-renowned managers, with an AuM in intermediation of more than US $ 1.6 trillion.  For MBI CORREDORES DE BOLSA, S.A. clients who want to have easy and quick access to renowned managers, through a local entity.



For those clients who want a personal account abroad, with access to the full range of financial instruments, we utilize the services of StoneX Financial Inc., Member of FINRA and SIPC.  StoneX Financial’s securities trading services are currently used by 5 Chilean AFPs.

StoneX Financial is a US based securities custodian and a wholly-owned subsidiary of StoneX Group Inc.  StoneX Group has a history dating back to 1924 and is listed on the Nasdaq Exchange under the symbol SNEX. The StoneX Group of companies have offices in more than 17 countries globally.  Some of its most well-known shareholders are BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street.



Swiss financial entity, with services as Wealth Management and Asset Management, and the biggest custodian in the world, with over US$ 2.700 billion in asset under management and presence in over 50 countries. For those clients who seek to access the financial markets through a traditional and well known financial bank.