MBI Brokers S.A.

MBI Corredores de Bolsa S.A. is a corporation authorized to act as a securities broker under the terms established in Law 18.045 and in the rules and regulations issued by the Financial Markets Commission.

It is registered in the Securities Registry of said Commission under resolution No. 176 dated June 1, 2001.

Member of the Santiago Stock Exchange

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Complaints Law No. 20,393

In accordance with Law No. 20,393, which establishes the criminal liability of legal persons for the commission of the crimes of money laundering, financing of terrorism and bribery of national and foreign public officials, MBI Corredores de Bolsa S.A. makes available to its clients, suppliers, employees and the general public the channel for reporting any act relating to the commission of said crimes.

For any information regarding the above, please direct your complaint to:

Email: denunciasepd@mbi.cl

Phone: +562 2 26553700

In your complaint you should provide a detailed description of the facts you are reporting, include evidence if you have any, or comment on the existence of said evidence. If you wish (it is not obligatory), you can provide your contact details such as full name, RUT, address, telephone number and contact email.

Indirect Benefits

In accordance with the provisions of General Rule N° 380 issued by the Financial Markets Commission, hereinafter also referred to as "the NCG 380", which obliges the Brokers to enter into a Service Rendering Agreement with their clients, establishing the general framework that will govern the current and potential services contracted by the Client, hereinafter also referred to as "the Agreement".

By virtue of No. 3.5 of aforementioned contract, we inform you of the existence of indirect benefits received by MBI Corredores de Bolsa in its actions, that is, for example: commission by an issuer of public offering securities, in the event that MBI Corredores de Bolsa S.A. is an underwriter of such securities; commission for the service of market maker of public offering securities; commission for acting as an introducing broker under Circular No. 1493 of the CMF and profit by margin in the purchase and sale of foreign currency.


CMF Warning Extract

"The investor is aware that foreign securities are not registered in Chile, and consequently, the laws governing the Chilean securities market are not applicable to them.”

"The investor is responsible for informing himself in advance of the securities in question and their circumstances, before making any investment decision, since said decision is made under his sole responsibility.”

"The national intermediary does not assume responsibility for the solvency of the issuer of the securities, or for the profitability of the securities.”

"The national intermediary is responsible for the monies he receives for such operations in accordance with his clients’ instructions."

"The national intermediary is not responsible for any exchange rate changes that may occur."

"The national intermediary is not responsible for taking up the foreign exchange if access to the purchase or remittance of foreign exchange is restricted or prevented by provisions of the domestic law of the country in which the transaction takes place."

"The national intermediary does not assume responsibility for those transactions that the client performs directly on the foreign intermediary's website, without using the link that the national intermediary provides for that purpose.”

MBI Corredores de Bolsa S.A. acts only as a link according to the circular Number 1493 dated August 10th, 2000 of the Financial Markets Commission, not being responsible for the assets kept in custody with the foreign intermediary, nor responsible for operation errors or other mistakes made by the Investor in the foreign intermediary's website.